P-05-919 Do not implement licensing for show dogs, cats and shown horses, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 20.11.19


The attached letter demonstrates a disconnect between the proposals and this person's understanding of the proposals.  A key phrase in their letter implies that it is dog shows which should be licenced but the proposed legislation is that animals which may be shown in Wales which will require a license.  The implication is quite clear from your published proposals that animals being 'shown/exhibited' will require a license (the 'passing reference' is so 'passing' that no one has found it). 

As currently proposed your regulations will require any dog being 'shown/exhibited' in Wales to be 'licensed' so by default any dogs brought into Wales for a dog show would be breaking your laws if it was not licenced.

Frankly, the whole idea that such a measure will 'improve' animal welfare is simply wrong.

David Cavill FRSA