P-05-900 Look into the way parents are being treated by public services, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 01.10.19


My petition is being looked at by the committee today I have written to the U.K. government as I feel the Welsh Government is hiding behind complaints policy’s that make it harder for parents/ families the Welsh Government refuses to listen to the fact that families / parents who are for disabled children & adults are being failed leaving parents to struggle or turn to charity’s who also struggle because of funding parents are fighting for things such as equipment or support....many families/ parents are being bullied by professionals a number of times it’s happened to my self which leaves me at breaking point I do my very best as a mother my partner finds its hard because of its s constant fight and worry especially when professionals abuse their position for examples I made a complaint regarding being refused a wheelchair for my [child] when [they were] little that physio then went on to fabricate lies about my family which was very hurtful...a head teacher […] took a dislike to me and decided to try and report me to social services one being over my [infant child] wearing children make up glitter  I found out this at tribunal....being investigated and treated like a criminal over my [child] having a pressure sore ( [they use] a wheelchair) it happened in school yet that was not investigated... social services have made mistakes yet nothing done and regardless of how many times I go through complaints policy they all get away with it I contact the Welsh Government and they refuse to step in ... I’m still to this day waiting for answers from Bridgend council I asked them a handful of questions one being I made a complaint regarding a support worker at school they then went on to report my [child] going to school Dirty & smelly ( [they] didn’t report it to school ) and school as supported me as it Is not true yet the inclusion service refuse to answer why the staff member fabricated lies and what actions being done something as a parent deserve to know .... many families are being put through hell and I’m urging the Welsh assembly to support my petition it’s a cruel world we live in we’ve done nothing wrong .. our children have done nothing wrong so why are professionals allowed to get away with it ? It’s because they can





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