P-05-851 Remove time restrictions on the layby to the east of Crickhowell, Correspondence – Powys County Council to Chair, 16.09.19



Dear Janet


Thank you for your letter regarding the petition to remove the waiting restrictions within the A40 laybys at Crickhowell, I apologise for the lateness in this reply


I can confirm that this Authority agreed to make a Traffic Regulation  Order on behalf of the Welsh Government following a request from their Agents, the Mid and North Wales Trunk Road Agency.  The request came about to prevent trading and long term parking within the layby. 


Following the Council’s decision at the Breconshire Committee Meeting of the 29 January 2014, this Authority proceeded to enter into the consultation process and the objections that were received were reported to Welsh Government as the highway authority for the A40 to consider.  This decision was noted in the Breconshire meeting of the 28 May 2014 following which, the restrictions were implemented.


With regard to your questions on what this Authority considers, I can only advise that the minutes of the two Breconshire Committee meetings, which at the time had the devolved power of the Highway Authority, raised no specific concerns about the proposals.  We are not aware of any significant changes within the town or the A40 route that would cause us concern so as to warrant a review of the previous decision.


Whilst appropriate parking can sometimes be difficult to find busy towns such as Crickhowell, there is a long stay pay and display car park that is in operation as well as on-street limited waiting parking within the core of the town.  This provision generally caters for the needs of the Town.  In addition to this at the weekends additional parking is made available at the High School  but there is no identified coach/lorry car park within the town.  The limited supply of parking within the town may assist in affecting local residents modal choice when visiting the town.  Knowing that finding a space may be problematic, may alter people’s habits and encourage them to consider more sustainable modes of transport such as walking or cycling.  Increasing travel by these modes helps to improve the health and wellbeing of our citizens and aligns with the objectives of the Active Travel [Wales] Act and the Well-being of Future of Generations and [Wales] Act.


As you may be aware, laybys are important for drivers needing to stop for a short time.  This may be to assist in combatting fatigue, to make or take calls or because legislation requires certain professional drivers to take a break.  Where such facility is used for long term parking, it removes this important facility for those that need to use it most.  Given its proximity to the town, visitors and/or workers within the town may have found the laybys a more desirable place to park than the pay and display car park since it would avoid paying a fee.  Drivers not being able to stop for a break may therefore cause issues of road safety and/or not provide adequate provision for the professional driver.


For information, the Breconshire report/minutes can be found at the following


29/1/14 https://powys.moderngov.co.uk/CeListDocuments.aspx?CommitteeId=132&MeetingId=760&DF=29%2f01%2f2014&Ver=2   


28 May 2014  https://powys.moderngov.co.uk/CeListDocuments.aspx?CommitteeId=132&MeetingId=763&DF=28%2f05%2f2014&Ver=2


Yours sincerely




Tony Caine

Traffic and Travel Manager

Highways, Transportation and Recycling

Powys County Council

County Hall

Llandrindod Wells