Dear John,


The Cross Party Group on Funerals and Bereavement regularly discusses the Social Fund and the support it offers to bereaved people in Wales. 


At our last meeting, the Group discussed the introduction of the Funeral Expense Assistance (FEA) later this year in Scotland.  The Group supported the decision by the Scottish Government to increase by inflation on an annual basis the capped element of the current social fund funeral payment and called for a similar approach to be adopted in Wales.  The Group agreed that we should write to you due to the current inquiry by the Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee into ‘Benefits in Wales: options for better delivery’.


At our next CPG meeting on 10 July 2019 at 6pm, the Scottish Inspector of Funeral Directors will be speaking to outline the work she has undertaken in Scotland. 


If you are available to attend, I hope the discussion will provide valuable insight on the steps the Scottish Government is undertaking.


We hope that you and other members of your Committee can attend on 10 July.


Thank you.




Mark Isherwood AM

Chair, Cross Party Group on Funerals and Bereavement