P-05-802 Protecting Class Sizes in Design and Technology Classrooms and Workshops, Correspondence – Petitioner to Chair


Dear Ms Finch-Saunders


Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Ms Williams' letter dated 5th of June regarding the petition to protect class sizes in Design and Technology. (Petition P-05-802)


It is with regret that I read the minister's letter outlining her decision not to provide separate, specific guidance on the matter of health and safety in what I believe to be the area of secondary education that poses the highest potential risk to young people during their journey through school.


Whilst I accept that the minister has distributed the message regarding the requirement to risk assess all activities, I maintain the opinion shared in my previous correspondence that specific guidance sent directly to schools would be a much stronger message to school leaders and governors, and would further secure students health, safety and well-being in the long term.


Many Thanks,


Aled Dafis