Dear Sir/madam

 I have a blue badge. I would be lost without it. But and as always there is a but. The inconsistency of the parking personnel leaves a lot to be desired.  Shopping centre and superstore car parks are a nightmare.  People without badges use them. When you complain the stores  do nothing. I have pictures of a security cash delivery van parked in the last disabled spot  at an Asda  store  Many car parks  the spaces are narrow especially for the larger cars we have now.  Then where the parking places for disabled are is either miles away from where they are needed  at the top of a hill or the bottom.  Access to town centres are restricted even with the blue badge.

When I visit places like Llandudno or Blackpool the wardens are great and tell you where we can park  even though  the town centre is pedestrianised     I have had to prove that I am the holder of a valid badge when it slipped on to the floor on a windy day   Surely there should be a way they can check without   A giving a ticket

B asking the person to prove they are the badge holder  This process can be long and protracted if your in hospital or away from home

In a lot of places that we all use there are never enough parking spaces close to the places we need to go to.  And in certain ones unless you park rigidly within the road marking you get a ticket anyway. Traffic wardens refuse to move non badge holders out of a badged space or even give them a ticket. There are some variations that make no rhyme or reason. Standardisation would be good. 

I have a motability car. And when applying for my badge  put in the three cars I use numbers. Then a year on I have my badge stolen. The police said you can only use the badge in one car that doesn't make sense  he said they are issued to one registration number  and therefore  can't be used on another car   Yet another anomaly could go on and on with other  problems

Blue badge owner  since the early 1980 s