Dear Sir


Please could I personally raise awareness to the difficulty I have with my mobility.

I suffer with Fibromyalgia also have oesteoarthritis in both my knees & hands therefore I am in constant pain I cannot leave the house some days at all.

Having applied to my local authority supplying letters from my Drs Consultants etc I got turned down & refused, that was in May 2018 due to the fact that I have not been awarded the mobility side of PIP.

I battled & wrote letter after letter from May 2018, my Drs wrote letter explaining how severe my mobility is, I became a person with a car that could not leave the house to do my shopping or visit places of interest as I couldn't park close to the facilities.

Eventually I was awarded a blue badge 22/10/2018 for the period of one year. My disabilities are not going to go away in fact my arthritis is only going to get worse! My Fibromyagia is a life long condition.

Firstly will I have the same difficulties of only being able to leave my home with a walking aid EVERY time I leave it to have to go through the battle to qualify for a badge. Not all disabilities are visable & mine clearly are so please make it more accessible to the people that clearly require one