Further information from UK Hospitality re Role of Regional Skills Partnerships

Evidence of progression and gender details – what are the progression routes and qualifications available for someone wanting to get a move upwards in the sector?

The industry welcomes diverse applicants of all ages and all levels of ability, capability and educational background but actively seeks those that wish to make a long-term career out of hospitality and of serving our customers, whether in a direct front-facing role or in the many other integral and behind the scenes opportunities that the industry provides for those who work within it.

For those with specific skills- i.e. HR, Accountancy, Marketing, Managerial etc- there are many opportunities to progress within the industry and within larger companies and, indeed, many of our staff cross sectors once established as they have learned the social and "people" skills along the route that are sought after nowadays and of considerable benefit to other areas of employment.

Progression for those who enter without such formal educational qualifications is largely based on aptitude, enthusiasm and application and can be rapid as we reward those who respond well and utilise the considerable vocational support and opportunities available to new entrants.

The industry enables career progressions based on meritocratic principles that can see, for instance, a new candidate at 16 becoming a hotel General Manager at 23.

•   Do you provide data or evidence to the RSPs concerning Welsh Language skills in your sector

Not at present and we do not have the internal mechanism to do this as an organisation. We would welcome any Welsh Government support to be able to do this in the future.

 •  Question relating also to a network of professional bodies in your sector

Hospitality Cymru (and UKHospitality, our overarching organisation) is by far the largest and most relevant professional body in the sector and, indeed within tourism, as the Hospitality business we represent equates to at least 85 per cent of employment within the umbrella of tourism businesses.