CELG(4) WPL 28

Communities, Equality and Local Government Committee

Inquiry into the Welsh Premier League

Response from Gwilym Boore


I am contacting you having just read about Welsh Premier Secretary Gwyn Derfel’s submission to the Welsh Government’s enquiry into the WPL. I understand that the enquiry has now finished receiving submissions but I hope you will welcome this late approach.


I should explain that I am contacting you in my role as a director of Gôl Football Centres, Wales’ only indigenous 5-a-side company and the first to make rubber crumb 3G surfaces publicly available in Wales when we opened six and a half years ago. We cater for over 300 5-a-side teams and believe that we operate the UK’s biggest workplace leagues.


I read reports of Mr Derfel’s submission with great interest and understand his desire for WPL clubs to play on 3G surfaces - it makes sense on a number of levels. However, from the Welsh Government’s perspective I imagine that there is a desire to see an increase in the numbers of people playing football recreationally as a well as improving the standard of and support for the WPL.


I believe that Gôl can contribute to increasing those numbers in a number of ways and help by becoming part of a private, public and voluntary sector partnership which would help justify Welsh Government investment in 3G facilities whilst generating the required improvement in playing facilities within our national league as well as generating increased numbers of those playing football for fun.


I do hope that I’ve given some food for additional thought and feel free to contact me at any time.


Yours sincerely


Gwilym Boore