·         Has the requirement for domestic and UEFA licences contributed in any way to improving the infrastructure of WPL clubs, and if so, how?/ A yw’r gofyniad i gael trwydded ddomestig a thrwydded UEFA wedi cyfrannu mewn unrhyw ffordd at wella seilwaith clybiau Uwch Gynghrair Cymru ac os felly, sut?

Yes it has improved the infrastructure of all clubs, as now the ground and facilities have to be up to an acceptable standard to be able to join or continue in the WPL, however, it is an area that needs improving as it seems that this needs to be consistent to all clubs, even if they are established in the WPL. The domestic licence is harder to achieve than the UEFA licence as clubs can nominate other grounds to play their UEFA matches on; these grounds should be WPL grounds that are made available to other WPL clubs at minimal cost; as in the past clubs in the competitions have had to pay substantial sums to non-WPL clubs to use their grounds. The domestic licence in my opinion should cover financial turnover and profit and loss, as has been proved this season with 1 club, a club running by the financial influence of 1 person, is not healthy for the league, clubs should therefore be able to demonstrate their ability to not run at a loss, based on merchandise, sponsorship and attendances; which would mean that player's would not be able to dictate the money they are currently demanding for playing.


·         Do you have any views on the FAW Strategic Plan, published in January 2012, and the way in which it relates to the WPL?/ A oes gennych farn ynghylch Cynllun Strategol Cymdeithas Bêl-droed Cymru, a gyhoeddwyd ym mis Ionawr 2012, a sut y mae’n berthnasol i Uwch Gynghrair Cymru?

The strategic plan is good for the game in Wales as it shows involvement from grass root level up to the National Team, the success of the plan can only be measured in years to come with the success of the National Team and Domestic Teams in European Competition. I am of the opinion that in order for the Plan to work that the FAW needs to be stream lined, as to have 37 councillors; most of whom have no interest in the WPL or in Grass Roots Football will hinder rather than help the plan become meaningful.


·         You say that the Welsh Government should ‘do its bit in supporting our Premier League’. What would be the most effective form of support it could provide and what would you wish to see the Government doing in this respect?/ Yr ydych yn dweud y dylai Llywodraeth Cymru wneud ei rhan drwy gefnogi ein Huwch Gynghrair. Beth fyddai’r gefnogaeth fwyaf effeithiol y gallai ei chynnig a beth yr hoffech weld y Llywodraeth yn ei wneud yn hyn o beth?

The Welsh Government should be supporting the WPL by assisting clubs to fund ground improvement projects, this will allow clubs to be the focus point of the community, leading to access to football facilities for Disabled and Women's teams. The innovation in 3G facilities as an addition to the grass pitches, which should not be replaced as the main pitch in the WPL, would be a great investment by the Welsh Government; this would mean that every club in the WPL would have access to their own 3G facility, even if it is not on the actual grounds of the club, it could be built within the town/city of the club and would be up to the club to run and manage the facility. In addition to this as the day to day running and administration of the clubs is ever increasing; the Welsh Government could assist by assisting the FAW with innovative ideas on how clubs would be able to fund administrative roles.


·         Can you expand on your comments that the Welsh Government should support Wales’s independent position within FIFA? What specific actions should it be taking in this regard and what role does the WPL have to play in safeguarding this status?/ A allwch ymhelaethu ar eich sylwadau y dylai Llywodraeth Cymru gefnogi safle annibynnol Cymru yn FIFA? Pa gamau penodol y dylai fod yn eu cymryd yn hyn o beth a beth yw swyddogaeth Uwch Gynghrair Cymru o ran diogelu’r statws hwn?

Wales is an independent country and the Welsh Government should be proud of this independence, especially now that Wales has it's own government. Unfortunately due to the fact that the Welsh Premier League only has 1 full time club, the league has very little chance of providing player's into the National Team; therefore, it has a very small role to play in safeguarding this status.


·         What are your views on the work the FAW and WPL is undertaking with respect to tackling racism and homophobia in football and in reaching out to more diverse footballing communities (such as women, BME people and LGB people)?/ Beth yw eich barn am y gwaith y mae Cymdeithas Bêl-droed Cymru ac Uwch Gynghrair Cymru yn ei wneud i fynd i’r afael â hiliaeth a homoffobia yn y byd pêl-droed ac i gyrraedd cymunedau pêl-droed mwy amrywiol (megis menywod, pobl dduon a lleiafrifoedd ethnig a phobl lesbiaid, hoyw a deurywiol)?

The Welsh Football Trust and certain employees of the FAW are doing some great work in tackling the above issues; yet as mentioned previously; the 37 councillors show little interest in any of the above. All clubs in the WPL run a two week initiative on 'Show Racism the Red Card' along with an annual event in the community; yet this is run by 'The Show Racism the Red Card'; again this is supported by the FAW employees, yet no councillors or FAW staff attend any of the matches or event to support the clubs. The FAW councillors once elected should be mandated that part of their responsibility is to support all forms of events that are encouraged by the FAW and WPL.