PO Box 90. Llandrindod Wells. Powys LD1 9BP                                                     January 22nd  2019




Fao Mr David Rowlands AM

Chair National Assembly for Wales Petitions Committee


Dear Mr Rowlands


Petition P-05-837  “Green Energy for the Wellbeing of Future Generations in Wales ”


Thank you for forwarding a copy of the letter dated January 9th from Lesley Griffiths AM  responding to our Paper on Renewable Energy  submitted to your Committee on November 27th 2018. You will recall that our Paper was submitted to outline our views on how the support and investment in renewable technologies provided by Welsh Government could be improved or increased. The response from the Minister is very positive and we applaud the work that is ongoing in Wales but suggest much more could be done to ensure we meet our climate change targets.


According to the latest research we have 12 years to act on climate change before it “passes  the point of no return”. We are at an important crossroads in terms of energy generation and Wales could lead the way in showing how we can provide a reliable energy supply with 100% renewable energy sources and flexible carbon neutral back up - without fossil fuels, nuclear power, or gambling on the promise of future technology.  The suspension of work at Wylfa Newydd provides a welcome boost to this scenario. 


In terms of our Petition we would like your Committee to consider the following issues  in the context of climate change at your next Meeting :


1.      Climate change is the most important issue facing us today and we have to step up our actions. We need to invest more in low carbon renewable technologies NOW – we cannot afford to wait. Wylfa Newydd has been a costly distraction from addressing climate change.


2.    In light of the postponement of Wylfa Newydd we should ensure that the sums of money allocated to this costly distraction are made available to further develop a job intensive conservation and renewable energy programme for Wales. Communities and local authorities have a major role to play in such a regeneration programme.


3.       According to The Minister’s Letter Wales already generates twice as much energy as it consumes so is a major exporter of electricity. We urge the Welsh Government to take this opportunity to revise its energy strategy, take control and ensure the financial resources, expertise and opportunities available are re-invested into  renewable energy programmes that directly benefit the people of Wales. Westminster has visibly failed in making good choices whilst holding the energy portfolio.


4.      Wales is currently free of nuclear power generation lets keep it that way .


I recall that at your November 27th meeting one of your committee members mentioned the need for a debate on energy matters.  There are so many good examples in Wales showing  how we can provide green energy for the wellbeing of future generations. We would be very happy to set up and publicise a presentation to your Committee and /or a wider audience, showing how renewable energy is the only way forward for Wales.


Thank you for your support on this matter and we look forward to hearing from you in due course


Yours sincerely


Mag Richards – Secretariat to the Welsh Anti Nuclear Alliance 




Additional points to note   

·         Nuclear  power generation is not low carbon .

·         Arguments that nuclear and fossil fuel plants are needed for baseload energy are no longer viable  

·         Guaranteed prices for Wylfa Newydd’s electricity  made to Hitachi were £75 per megawatt hour for 35 years, prices awarded to EDF for Hinkley C electricity are £92.50 whilst the price of offshore wind is falling and currently stands at  £57.50 (Greg Clarke Jan 2019)