Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru

National Assembly for Wales

Pwyllgor yr Economi, Seilwaith a Sgiliau

Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee

Datblygu Trafnidiaeth Cymru yn y dyfodol

The future development of Transport for Wales

EIS(5) FDTfW06

Ymateb gan David Kay

Evidence from David Kay


The train service between Llandudno and Caerdydd (Cardiff) is virtually the same as it was in 2016, when I last made the journey, despite much expenditure on the route by Network Rail. Their projects have no doubt increased the resilience of the service; in particular, reducing the delays caused by infrastructure and train failures.  However, there has been minimal benefit to passengers undertaking journeys in normal operating circumstances.

I think TfW should have more power to influence Network Rail's activities, and thereby make Network Rail more accountable. My impression is that TfW just go along with whatever Network Rail are doing.

TfW have plans for both new services and new trains in the coming years.  Noticeably missing are faster services. TfW could reasonably require infrastructure improvements that support shorter journey times on both the above route and other routes.