PET(4)-10-12 : Tuesday 19 June 2012

P-03-261 : Local Solutions to Newtown Traffic Congestion

P-04-319 : Newtown traffic petition



From: Garry Saady []

Sent: 09 January 2012 22:51

To: Wyn Jones, Rhodri (Assembly - Committee Services)

Subject: Newtown Traffic Solutions Group petition


Dear Rhodri,


Thank you for sending this correspondence to Newtown Traffic Solutions group.


Please thank Mr. Sargeant for taking the time to reply.  Unfortunately his letter has done nothing to allay the group's (NTSG) fears that Newtown may be lumbered with an archaic, expensive and short-term 'solution' to its congestion problem.  More imaginative and forward-thinking transport planners - in Denmark (Copenhagen), Germany (Freiburg) and Holland (anywhere), for instance - would resolve the traffic issues without destroying the beautiful environs, whilst at the same time reducing both carbon emissions and endemic obesity.


Mr. Sargeant makes reference to a "public consultation", which in fact never took place.  Instead we had the "Newtown Exhibition" (the official WA title) - a slick presentation performed by a subsidiary of a major construction company (Balfour Beatty) with the unashamed aim of selling, essentially, a no-options - i.e. a bypass or nothing - scheme.


Mr. Sargeant states that he will have a rescheduled delivery plan of the National Transport Plan by Autumn - please can we see a copy of this document.


Finally, Mr. Sargeant states that "if there are objections then we hold a public enquiry before an independent inspector".  Please may we assure him that there are objections and therefore an inquiry will be necessary.


Yours,  Garry Saady.  For Newtown Traffic Solutions Group.



2011/10/21 Wyn Jones, Rhodri (Assembly - Committee Services) <>


Good afternoon Garry,


Following our discussion earlier, I enclose a copy the letter to you. I would appreciate if you could reply to this via e-mail as soon as possible, so that your petition can be considered at our next meeting: 01-11-2011.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Kind regards.



From: Wyn Jones, Rhodri (Assembly - Committee Services) On Behalf Of Petition

Sent: 15 July 2011 16:11

To:  Garry Saady


Subject: P-03-261 Local Solutions to Newtown Traffic Congestion



Er gwybodaeth / For your information,


Atodaf lythyr wrth Gadeirydd y Pwyllgor Deisebau (copi caled yn y post):

I enclose a letter from the Petitions Committee Chair (Hard copy in the post):


2011.07.14 WP to GS re info.pdf <>


Os oes angen unrhyw wybodaeth ychwanegol - rhowch wybod.

If you require any further information – do not hesitate to contact me.

Cofion cynnes / Kind regards.

Rhodri Wyn Jones