Public Accounts Committee

PAC(5)-32-18 PTN2: 3 December 2018

Scrutiny of Accounts 2017-18: Additional Information from National Museum Wales


During the evidence session held with the National Museum Wales on 22 October 2018, Members requested details of the days lost through sickness in 2017-18.

The Response is below:

The average number of days per employee lost through sickness in 2017-18 was 10.94.

It is important to note that during the last financial year, we provided refresher training on attendance management to all line managers and implemented a Business Partner model where HR Officers are working with managers to more proactively monitor and address attendance issues. In addition, we are promoting a number of wellbeing initiatives targeted at improving mental health, which is currently the most prevalent cause of absence. Our expectation is that our absence levels will reduce during this financial year as a result of these interventions.