Regarding the Terms of Reference I have struggled a bit with putting something into words to respond to the specific points as I am aware that the WLGA, which promotes and supports our work, has already made a submission on behalf of Local Authorities.

One of the key things that the Principle Youth Officers Group is supportive of is the extension of the vote to include 16 and 17 year olds which I understand that the enquiry will be looking at.

We are also involved in promoting and supporting the work of the Welsh Youth Parliament and see this as potentially a way to involve greater numbers of young people in the political process.

In addition as a sector we already do a great deal to support local Youth Councils and County level Youth Assembly’s and other forums such as Junior Safeguarding Boards; I am aware that these types of opportunities can be the first steps into the world of adult politics.

Many of us are also usually involved within our respective LA areas on organising/running consultations with young people on a range of issues.

We can also play an important role locally in our contribution to the delivery of Personal and Social Education within the school curriculum.

I believe it’s easier to talk to some of these issues which link to the enquiry than the specific points within the Terms of Reference which are covered on behalf of our employers by WLGA.