P-05-824 Newtown Brimmon Oak Bypass - Correspondence from Powys County Council to the Chair, 08.10.18


Dear Mr Rowlands,


Further to your letter regarding the naming of the Newtown Bypass, I can confirm that there is significant local interest in the construction of the bypass and its usage thereafter. Powys County Council has been very supportive of the Newtown Bypass and it will be a significant improvement for Mid Wales offering major benefits to both the economic and social landscapes of the region.


With regards to your query, we have recently written to Ken Skates, Cabinet Secretary requesting that engagement takes place with the local community to fully explore the many local ideas and move forward a potential suite of preferred options that could be implemented to ensure the opportunity is taken to promote Newtown’s history and what the mid-wales region has to offer both now and in the future.


We look forward to a positive response from the Cabinet Secretary and facilitating discussions with the local community between now and the opening of the bypass.


Yours sincerely




Adrian Jervis

Acting Head of Highways, Transport & Recycling

Powys County Council