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WB 03

Ymateb gan: Unigolyn
Response from: Individual


I have been asked to offer my observations about the use of the WBQASCC by HE institutions for Medicine/Dentistry/Oxbidge etc.

With regards to medicine I do know that Cardiff includes the ASCC for medicine - a current Year 13 is holding an offer. I also know that Bristol and Keele also accept the qualification, though it won't be accepted as an A* I believe.

It's now widely accepted by Russell Group for other degrees except Oxbridge/Durham. However, a Cambs liaison officer recently said they like to see the project element identified in the Personal Statement and on the SAQ if the topic is relevant to the degree course. It is seen in same light as EPQ. However, it is fair to say that Oxbridge and Medicine will not entertain BTEC/OCR Camb Tech qualifications at all!

It is frustrating for Welsh students that the course is often 'compulsory' yet is not fully accepted by all institutions. The qualification has a great deal to commend it, but I feel that it should only be seen as 'compulsory' when it has true academic parity with A2 qualifications.