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Statws y Cymhwyster Bagloriaeth Cymru | The status of the Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification

WB 02

Ymateb gan: Unigolyn
Response from: Individual


I have done Welsh bacc since year 10 (I have just finished year 11.) I must confess, I don't know what I actually did over the two years of two-hours-a-fortnight. As far as I'm concerned, I have looked at something called RURU (which doesn't bear any relevance to my life), designed a Christmas decoration in February, looked at fat children for three months, pretended to do something for ten hours and faked the evidence, and did my personal project with no teacher assistance (and sometimes with no teacher in the room, she would appear twenty minutes to the end of the lesson.)

Now I'm going to college in September and I'm meant to be doing Welsh bacc again. I have to be honest, I would rather do maths (and I hate maths.) The tutor for next year has told us to save our work onto a USB and submit it next year, therefore halving the work load. Surely (as much as it is lazy and good for me) this couldn't have been the idea behind Welsh bacc?

Something I should also mention is that is you submit a piece of work and you get a c, and want to resit because your target it higher, you can't. Well, you can resit but resitting will only allow you a c maximum which I think is stupid and doesn't make sense.

I find the subject tedious and dull and of no relevance to me. I have learned nothing from the countless hours I have spent staring at a computer.

I hope the Welsh assembly get rid of this subject.