CYPE(5)-20-18 - Papur i'w nodi 4


Additional information from Estyn following meeting on 6 June:


The 35,000 pupils in the cohort referred to at committee reflects the typical number of pupils in a year group within the maintained schools sector.


According to the Stats Wales data there were 31,050 children accessing nursery education within the maintained sector as Nursery 2 (full nursery year) at the census point 9 January 2018. At the same census point (9 January 2018) there were an additional 5,638 children accessing Nursery 1 provision within the maintained sector.  (Welsh Government, 2017). These would be autumn born children accessing the first of five terms of nursery education.  There is no data available for the number of spring born children who join Nursery 1 provision in the maintained sector as they were not attending nursery at the census point.  


There is no national system in place to capture the number of children accessing Foundation Phase within the non-maintained sector. We estimate that around 4,000-5,000 children attend Foundation Phase nursery provision (Nursery 1 or Nursery 2 equivalent) in the non-maintained sector.  A proportion of parents opt out of Foundation Phase nursery provision but there is no mechanism in place to capture this information.



Welsh Government (2017) Pupils by local authority, region and year group.  Available from: