P-04-399 Slaughter Practices - Correspondence from the Petitioner to the Committee, 18.05.18


Hiya, Dear Petitions Committee, 


i believe we are wasting our time, on this issue, you have had this Petition and the other Petition for CCTV in all Slaughterhouses in Wales, for quite a awhile, mine is from 2012, nothing is going to happen, unless we get a change of Government, UKIP hopefully, i know that my concerns have been sent around the various departments for rulings and opinions in the past five years, with no effect, i still feel passionately about the stopping of NON-STUNNED slaughter, or LABELING the Meat.. 


While this debacle continues, would it not be respectful for all the meat eaters, in our Country of Wales, for the Welsh Government, to introduce MEAT LABELING, giving our people a choice, to buy or not to buy NON-STUNNED slaughter, of late the Welsh Government have had the courage to implement a few initiatives that have been taken up by the UK Government, or are in process, Plastic Bags and Organ Donor issues successfully. now, please, have a thought for the millions of Animals and our unsuspecting Welsh citizens, who are dupped and sold this cruel barbaric slaughtered meat....


If you have the courage, take a look at NON-STUNNED slaughter, on youtube, you'll find the EU rule book on Animal Slaughter, is far from the norn.....


Yours Respectfully


Royce Clifford