Dear Dr Lloyd

Subject: Raising Exercise Levels for chidren

This is an important issue not only for improving fitness but for channeling children's energy  into something positive. 

Here are my suggestions:

1. Provision of premises for activities. Community halls, support for Churches to provide use of Church Halls.

Barry waterfront development expansion means that hundreds of families will come to live in that area. What provision has been made for children to play (green play areas) and what will be available for young and older adults?( Skate Board Park, Community Hall for Youth club, gymnastics, Boxing, Karate etc?) 

As an example of benefits as a result of available premises and sites, I would point to Lee Selby the Champion Boxer from Barry and also his brother Andrew. Both raised in Gibbonsdown Barry, a deprived area. They were able to access local Boxing Clubs at the time they became interested in the sport. Those clubs have since closed.

2. Every Organisation is looking out for volunteers. There are not enough to go around especially when people are being urged to continue working past retirement age. I suggest that qualified adults should be paid to run Youth Clubs and other Organisations which involve a mixture of exercise and social activities. It would need Government funding but in the long run, would save money as children would become healthier. It would also reduce anti social behaviour.


Dilys Colbourne