P-05-792 Petition to extend the 40mph speed limit in Blaenporth. – Correspondence from the petitioner to the Committee, 02.01.18


In response to the information sent to me may I respond as follows.


  1. As the number of school closures in Ceredigion moves on it has become impossible sadly,  for our children to walk to school. I believe the use of ‘lollypop’ ladies has also reduced and as there is no street light on these dark mornings or evenings and no bus stop for people to shelter in I am at a loss as to what to suggest other that to reduce the speed limit.
  2. The community has tried to get a bus stop but were told the people must wait in the bus stop on the other side of the road and then cross when they see the bus coming. Not a task to be undertaken lightly when traffic is moving at 60+mph.
  3. In addition we have had another vehicle attempting to overtake which ended up upside down in the hedgerow just before where the children wait. Another lucky escape as they have no protection whatsoever.
  4. The section I refer to is a straight, downhill section where drivers are inclined to pick up speed after leaving Tanygroes.
  5. Another planning application has been submitted by the business site for car sales so more traffic at this particular junction.


My apologies for the last minute submission of these points due to me having only just returned from America visiting family.


Kind regards


Rosemarie Chaffers-Jones