·         Each and every suicide is a tragedy which has devastating effects on families, friends, colleagues and the wider community. The loss of a loved one brings about intense grief, but when the death is by suicide the emotions experienced in the aftermath can differ considerably from those following other types of death. The shock can be especially acute and complex.


·         Samaritans have a partnership with Cruse Bereavement Care to help support people who have been bereaved by suicide. To access further information on this partnership, please visit ‘Facing the Future’


·         The average cost of a suicide of someone of working age in England is estimated as £1.67m. This includes intangible costs (loss of life to the individual and the pain and suffering of relatives), as well as lost output (both waged and unwaged), police time and funerals.[1]


[1] McDaid, D., Park, A., & Bonin, E. (2011). Population level suicide awareness training and intervention. In M. Knapp, D. McDaid & M. Parsonage (Eds.), Mental Health Promotion and Prevention: The Economic Case (26-28). London: Department of Health.