Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru / National Assembly for Wales

Y Pwyllgor Materion Allanol a Deddfwriaeth Ychwanegol / The External Affairs and Additional Legislation Committee

Bil y Diddymu Mawr / The Great Repeal Bill

EAAL(5) GRB 12

Ymateb gan y Comisiwn Cydraddoldeb a Hawliau Dynol / Evidence from the Equality and Human Rights Commission



The Equality and Human Rights Commission, while not providing a formal response, wish to draw the Committee’s attention to the following information:


Equality and Human Rights Commission Chair David Isaac’s comments in response to the publication of the Great Repeal Bill, including a letter to the Secretary of State for Education and Minister for Women and Equalities, titled: Great Repeal Bill: A positive vision for equality and human rights in Britain:


The Commission's 5 point plan on how Britain can keep and strengthen its status as a world leader on equality and human rights after we leave the European Union. We shared the document with some Committee Members at the recent stakeholder session.


The Commission’s submission to the National Assembly’s Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee’s Inquiry into human rights in Wales.