Care Council for Wales’ response to the Health, Social Care and Sport Committee’s inquiry
into the Welsh government’s draft dementia strategy

  1. The Care Council for Wales welcomes the opportunity to provide a short written response to the committee’s inquiry.  We are responsible for supporting the training and regulation of the social care workforce.  In that context, we wish to emphasise to the committee the importance of good training and support for individuals who are providing care and support to people living with dementia. 
  2. We feel that any approach must be underpinned by values, in relation to supporting individuals living with dementia these include :

•             Everyone matters.

•             Everyone has something to contribute.

•             Everyone is different.

•             Everything matters and the ‘normal’ and the ‘ordinary’ are important.

•             Every word matters - we must use positive and strengths-based terminology in supporting people with dementia.

  1. These values underpin our recent publication Good Work: A Dementia Learning and Development Framework for Wales[1] which responded to demand and evidence[2]  for more training and a consistent approach to caring for people living with dementia.
  2. These  values are articulated within a range of codes of practice across health and social care in Wales and are consistent with the values of the Welsh Government’s Social Services and Well-being Act.
  3. All of the principles and learning and development topics outlined within the Framework are being applied in practice somewhere in Wales but this is not consistent, with pockets of good practice across Wales and elsewhere. We need to learn and build on this to spread the good practice everywhere. The Framework recognises that everyone is on a different journey in developing support for people living with dementia and their carers. 
  4. The publication was developed jointly between the Care Council, the Welsh Government and NHS and is a practical document, which will support individuals to be better informed and trained about caring for people living with dementia.
  5. For workers, the framework can be used to inform:

•             Qualifications

•             Training

•             The involvement of people with dementia, carers, families and the wider community

•             Continual professional development

•             Recruitment

•             Appraisal

The Framework can assist people with dementia and their carers to:

•             Know their rights;

•             Know what good care, support and services should look like;

•             Be able to evaluate the quality of any care and support they receive;

•             Know how they can contribute to the design and delivery of good care and support and understand the pivotal role they can play in this.

  1. In April, the Care Council will become Social Care Wales.  We will continue to promote and disseminate the dementia learning and development framework.  We will support the Welsh Government in developing their dementia strategy and we expect dementia will be identified as an improvement priority for the sector.   The role of social care in supporting individuals living with dementia through for example community support; care and support at home and residential care is critical to support citizens well-being.


Sarah McCarty
Director of Workforce and Development
Care Council for Wales

South Gate House, Wood Street, Cardiff, CF10 1EW 


[1] Good Work:  A Dementia Learning and Development Framework for Wales, Care Council for Wales

[2] For example Trusted to Care (Andrews and Butler, 2015) and Learning from Trusted to Care (Welsh Government, 2015) These reports and the national audits of dementia were undertaken by the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 2010 and 2012