Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee of the National Assembly for Wales - Future of the steel industry in Wales


Unite’s View.







·         Our fear is that the cost of a possible merger with Thyssen Krupp could be the cessation of steel making at Port Talbot and the loss of these jobs. This is further compounded by the recent Press release that Tata Steel and the unions made an agreement on a job guarantee scheme for workers at the factory in IJmuiden, the unions announced on Tuesday, ANP reports. There will be no compulsory redundancies at Tata Steel Netherlands for a period of five years. Employees who become redundant can be internally redeployed for a period of 21 months. This becomes a permanent position after two months of good performance. Negotiations between Tata Steel and the unions started in February. The unions are concerned that a potential merger between Tata and Germany’s ThyssenKrupp will come at the expense of thousands of jobs. No such negotiation or guarantee has included UK sites.


·         TATA have stated that UK Plants may not be part of this merger but we need assurances.






·        Unite is not interested in short term fixes – we want the long term preservation of steel manufacturing at Port Talbot and call upon the Welsh and UK Government to tell TATA to stop the stalling and take our members jobs and the UK steel industry seriously.