Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru | National Assembly for Wales

Y Pwyllgor Plant, Pobl Ifanc ac Addysg | Children, Young People and Education Committee

Gwaith dilynol ar Ymchwiliad y Pwyllgor Plant, Pobl Ifanc ac Addysg i Wasanaethau Mabwysiadu yng Nghymru | Follow-up to Children, Young People and Education Committee’s Inquiry into Adoption Services in Wales


AS 03

Ymateb gan : Rhiant sy’n Mabwysiadu

Response from : Adoptive Parent


Consultation questions

Overview Question

What are your views in the Welsh Government’s progress in respect of the 16 recommendations and the 25 ‘detailed actions’ set out on pages 5-11 of the Committee's report.

Good but do not address shortening timsescales or recommendations that foster carers remain part of the adoptees life for better continuity.

Question 1

What are your views on the recruitment, assessment and preparation of adopter parents?

Pretty good but nothing prepares you really for getting the children home.  Also attended two courses from the NAF which were really useful.

How could this be improved?

Entry into NAF courses covering specific topics relevant to your match or recordings of the course for replay.

Question 2

What is your experience of and view of the matching process and support for the transition?

Good but the additional support of a therapist was immeasurably beneficial as an anchor point while transition was going on.

How could this be improved?

Therapeutical support though transition established beforehand and continuing after placement say 5 weeks or so before and after.  Really helpful for the child

Question 3

Do you think there is sufficient information and support for children and young people including access to quality life-story work?

The support is good and the documents itself are very useful one of the NAF courses we attended was on good life story work and was insightful

How could this be improved?

Training parents on what to expect in this aspect and demanding quality life story work from the adoptees social worker

Question 4

What post-adoption support for children, young people and families (including from social services, education, health and mental health services) is available and what more could be done in this area?

Social, medical, educational, therapeutic and dental

How could this be improved?

Many services are available but a coordination between them all would benefit parents and children alike

Question 5

Are there any other issues you wish to draw to the Committee’s attention?

Timescales to adoption currently minimum 18 months but could be as short as 6 months with weekly or fortnightly meetings.