LG 13

Y Pwyllgor Cymunedau, Cydraddoldeb a Llywodraeth Leol
Bil Llywodraeth Leol (Cymru): Cyfnod 1
Ymateb gan:
Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol Conwy



I am responding on behalf of Conwy CBC to the consultation on the Local Government (Wales) Bill.


My Council supports the representations made by the WLGA and SOLACE


We fully understand that the Bill provides for consultation over a proposal for a voluntary merger but would wish to highlight that the provisions would be very extensive which could bring specific pressures to meet the proposed deadline of 30th November taking account of the process to develop an Expression of Interest, have it approved for consultation and then consider the outcome of the consultation.   


We would also like to make a general comment related to local government having already making a significant contribution to having a more efficient and cost effective management regime since 1996 when the 22 current local authorities came in to existence which replaced 8 former County Councils and something like 34 former Borough and Distract Councils.. As a consequence 42 management teams were replaced 22. It is appreciated that this not specifically referred to in the Bill  or supporting documentation but it an indication of local government responding to new ways of administration.