P-04-516 Make political science compulsory in education - Petitioner to the Clerking  Team, 13.12.14.

Hi Kayleigh , thank you for your email.

In response to the professor's letter , further to previous issues i raised , i would like to make the following points :-
I work in the youth field and am astonished by the lack of political awareness
amongst young adults who are eligible to vote . this knowledge void
i feel contributes to the apathy but also despair {at a lack of 'voice'}  amongst young people.
My two teenage children have reported to me that the compulsory pastoral and world affairs lessons they have in secondary rarely touch upon the british political system and their role in it.
At present welsh schools offer  A level politics course without any foundation for
the students , is this not a strange anomaly ?
I think with even a short introduction  to the constitution we could improve
the engagement and active participation of all welsh people in the political process.
At present we have young people leaving education in a state of political ignorance ,
this may suit some elements within the establishment but it is not a settlement for long term
'healthy' political process .....
I hope the committee will be able to offer this petition's aim their support ,
and possible implementation in some form .
Mark Griffiths