GBV 08

Communities, Equality and Local Government Committee

Gender-based Violence, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) Bill : Stage 1

Response from: Aneurin Bevan University Health Board



Anuerin Bevan University Health Board  welcome the opportunity to comment on this Bill


We welcome a National Strategy looking at Prevention Protection and Support for victims

Would like to make the following comments


Should refer to partner agencies Local Authorities Police


S Some health boards and police Dept will incorporate several Las in Gwent we cover 5 can we read “ local strategy “ as regional  particularly as regional collaboration  eg Children  Adult Safeguarding Boards now in place

Makes no mention of how local strategies will be developed, implemented or monitored With the dissolution of Community safety Partnerships what will be the governance framework


6 (I) Reassessment of needs for care and support, under the SS and Wellbeing Act suggests need for integrated partnerships to recognise this within the legislation rather than expectation that agencies will work in an integrated way  to strengthen commitment ( again no mention of police )


No mention of Domestic Homicide Reviews Does this bill provide an opportunity to consider DHRs from a Welsh perspective ie as the review process at the extreme end of the continuum


Welcome the notion of developing WG national indicators will help focus work and resources


Thank you Linda Brown Named Nurse Safeguarding Lead