National Assembly for Wales

Children, Young People and Education Committee

CAM 12

Inquiry into Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

Evidence from : Caerphilly




The Committee is interested in hearing about

The availability of early intervention services for children and adolescents with mental health problems




Access to these services – particularly Tier/Tier2 has felt very poor in Gwent/ABUHB in the recent past.


In the locality where I practice -  Caerphilly - I understand there has been a vacant post recently leading to significant delays in assessment and intervention


Access to community specialist CAMHS at tier 2 and above for children and adolescents with mental health problems, including access to psychological therapies




Access to these more specialist services has felt very poor in Gwent/ABUHB for some considerable time.


There are significant waiting times to see Specialist CAMHS.


Referral criteria have recently been developed with responses from primary care and it is hoped this will help to resolve the situation.


Access to advice has not always been easy.



The extent to which CAMHS are embedded within broader health and social care services




With the advent of the recent mental health measure I would hope that CAMHS has been more embedded in the health services although they have always seemed a very separate service.



Whether CAMHS is given sufficient priority within broader mental health and social care services, including the allocation of resources to CAMHS




As a primary care physician I do not feel able to comment on this question but I suspect they are an under resourced service.



Whether there is significant regional variation in access to CAMHS across Wales




Not known


The effectiveness of the arrangements for children and young people with mental health problems who need emergency services




These arrangements have not been clear and have anecdotally lead to several significant incidents particularly when the patient is in the 16-18 age group.


In ABUHB/ Gwent there are now clearer referral guidance and much more clear advice on how to access emergency services.



The extent to which the current provision of CAMHS is promoting safeguarding, children’s rights, and the engagement of children and young people




Not known



Any other key issues identified by stakeholders