HB 2

National Assembly for Wales

Communities, Equality and Local Government Committee

Housing (Wales) Bill: Stage 1

Response from: Abergele Town Council 


Members of Abergele Town Council received your letter dated 21st October at a recent meeting of the Local Government Sub Committee and have instructed me to forward the following response to you on behalf of the Council.


(i)  Homelessness is a big issue and Welsh Government are not doing enough to address the matter.

(ii)Bedroom tax is becoming a problem as there are not enough smaller properties for individuals to move to.

(iii)Gypsy and travellers, the reason that people do not want them in their area is that they leave problems behind. This should be addressed

(iv)    A minimum of two years to be able to access the Housing waiting list should remain

(v)Are Prisoners who are held in an area and released entitled to go on the list?

(vi)    Why are some loans and mortgages only available to new builds?

(vii)   Residents who live permanently in a Caravan Park should be addressed for issues such as Council Tax.


Should you have any queries with regard to the above please do not hesitate to contact me directly.





Mandy Evans

Description: Clerc y Dref a Swyddog Cyllid /Town Clerk & Finance Officer    

Cyngor Tref Abergele Town Council

Town Hall

Llanddulas Road



LL22 7BT

Ffon/Tel: 01745 833242

E-bost/E-mail: clerk@abergele-towncouncil.co.uk



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