Y Pwyllgor Menter a Busnes
Enterprise and Business Committee


Edwina Hart AM

Minister for Economy, Science and Transport

Welsh Government


5 August 2013








Dear Edwina


Budget Scrutiny 2014-15: Economy and Science


In order to inform our budget scrutiny session on the economy and science part of your portfolio on 17 October, I thought it would be useful to set out some areas that we would like you to include in your budget paper.

Last year’s budget report

During our scrutiny of the Draft Budget 2013-14 the Committee welcomed the improvements made last year in the presentation and clarity of the Welsh Government’s budget documents and the papers that Ministers submitted to Assembly committees. However, the Committee felt there was still room for improvement and made the following recommendation:

“For next year, we should like you to focus on providing us with more information regarding the outputs, outcomes and targets associated with your budget allocations. Wherever possible we should like to see you define the measurable outputs and outcomes you expect to be achieved by a particular area of expenditure, to enable us to do our job in evaluating the effectiveness of your Department’s activities.”


The Committee would like to see this recommendation taken on board in the information that will be provided to the Committee in relation to the draft budget for 2014-15.

As was the case last year, the Committee would like to be provided with the individual Budget Expenditure Lines for your portfolio.

Programme for Government commitments

Regarding the Welsh Government’s ability to deliver the Programme for Government commitments in relation to the economy and science aspects of your portfolio from within the current allocation, we would appreciate information in relation to:

In relation to the above bullet points we are particularly interested in:

Policy development

There are numerous areas of your portfolio for which policies have recently been or are currently under development, or are in the early stages of implementation. For each policy, as appropriate, we would like to see:

Regarding the above bullet points the Committee would particularly like to receive information in relation to city regions; business rates (including charities and social enterprises); co-operatives and mutuals; improving access to business finance; enterprise zones; Innovation Wales and local growth zones.

Preventative Spending

We are interested in considering preventative spending as part of our scrutiny of the Draft Budget 2014-15. The definition of preventative spending that is being adopted for this purpose is: …spending which focuses on preventing problems and eases future demand on services by intervening early, thereby delivering better outcomes and value for money.

With this definition in mind we would like information on:

Provision for Legislation

The Committee would like to see:


Yours sincerely

Nick Ramsay AM

Chair, Enterprise and Business Committee