National Assembly for Wales

Enterprise and Business Committee


Inquiry into the future of the Wales and Borders Rail

Evidence from Cllr Alan Preest– WBF 46

Foa Dr Sian Phipps,


Submissions as requested,


1, Lydney, Gloucestershire, just over the border from Wales, (circa 8 miles from Chepstow), is viewed as the town with the greatest opportunity for change within the Forest of Dean District. The scale of new development of housing (and hopefully) proposed employment reflects this.The railway network corridor between Lydney and South Wales at this point affords a significant opportunity to facilitate the situation.

There were over 16,000 journeys from Lydney to Welsh stations in 2012. How does the inquiry intend to maximize the opportunities to cope with an expanding town, that is Lydney, thus grasping the potential that will be generated for the creation of prosperity.?.


2, Will the inquiry confirm that the franchise will support the equitable development and access to the rail service between Lydney and all connecting stations in England and Wales.


I look forward to attending the inquiry at Cardiff Bay on 3 Oct 13.


Regards Alan Preest


Gloucestershire County Councillor, Lydney Division

Lydney Town Councillor