Dawn Bowden

Deputy Minister for Arts and Sport, and Chief Whip


Dear Dawn


Thank you for your recent letter and for the time you have been able to give us whilst we deal with the challenges we face. You and your team have been a great source of advice and we look forward to continuing to work with you and our other partners to build a WRU we can all be proud of.

As the Chair of the WRU, I’ve been humbled by what I have heard, particularly the impact on our female staff and players. I think we all know that we can always do more to make the game and our organisation more inclusive, but I was shocked by the personal stories highlighted by our former staff in the programme. I can only apologise to them and say that I will work night and day to ensure all of our staff feel safe and valued.

As you know, things have moved quickly and we have been in discussion with Sport Wales and others to set up the external taskforce that will help us ensure our culture is welcoming and inclusive and fit for the future.

You are right to highlight that we should not wait until the taskforce completes its work before we make changes, specifically to ensure that our staff feel safe, supported and valued, and that we tackle incidents and behaviours in a robust and consistent matter. I understand you remain concerned about current workplace policies and clearly we have more to do in terms of engaging with staff and with partners on that issue.

That said, I wanted to make sure you were aware of progress that we have made recently on this matter. I am pleased to be able to tell you that we appointed a new People Director a year ago and we have invested in new procedures and widespread mandatory training to make sure that we work together to develop every day working culture which is professional, inclusive and welcoming.

Changing culture takes time, but we’re determined to do it, and in addition to the work of the taskforce, we’re looking at immediate things that we can do, and have done to support our staff.

I will copy this letter to the Chair of the Culture, Communications, Welsh Language, Sport, and International Relations Committee.

I look forward to continuing our dialogue and thank you again for your advice and challenge.

Yours sincerely,


Ieuan Evans