SR4 Individual 3

Senedd Cymru | Welsh Parliament

Y Pwyllgor Busnes | Business Committee

Galw am dystiolaeth ar argymhellion a wnaed gan y Pwyllgor Diben Arbennig ar Ddiwygio'r Senedd | Call for evidence on recommendations made by the Special Purpose Committee on Senedd Reform

Ymateb gan Unigol 3 | Evidence from Individual 3

The Senedd’s Business Committee is inviting views to inform its consideration of four recommendations made by the Special Purpose Committee on Senedd Reform:

1. The size of the Welsh Government in a larger Senedd

The case for more members is not convincing. We’re in tough economic times and this will be an expensive move. It can’t be justified on costs at present.

We have County Borough Councils/Town Councils already. People see little value in so many layers of government and you’re planning to increase the Senned level.

Perhaps a reduction in the number of County Borough councils should be considered as some are too small to be really viable or effective in providing cost effective local services.

There are moves to reduce the number of MPs. WAG is proposing to increase the size of the Senedd!

The WAG hasn’t managed to become highly regarded by many people in Wales. An expansion in membership isn’t a popular’s seen as creations for the boys(&girls).

2. The number of Deputy Presiding Officers in a larger Senedd

With no expansion they wouldn’t be needed.

3. The number of Senedd Commissioners in a larger Senedd

No expansion would not necessitate more commissioners being paid well above average salaries.

4. The consequences of a Member changing their political party if elected through a closed proportional list system

A closed list system should lead to a by election if a member changes party. They would be elected on a party basis and not the FPTP individual system used for Constituency members.