SR2 Lee Waters MS, Senedd Cymru

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Y Pwyllgor Busnes | Business Committee

Galw am dystiolaeth ar argymhellion a wnaed gan y Pwyllgor Diben Arbennig ar Ddiwygio'r Senedd | Call for evidence on recommendations made by the Special Purpose Committee on Senedd Reform

Ymateb gan Lee Waters AS, Senedd Cymru | Evidence from Lee Waters MS, Senedd Cymru

The Senedd’s Business Committee is inviting views to inform its consideration of four recommendations made by the Special Purpose Committee on Senedd Reform:

1. The size of the Welsh Government in a larger Senedd

If constrained capacity is an issue for the Senedd it follows that it is also a challenge for the Government. There should be flexibility in the number of Ministers, as there is in the UK Government.

2. The number of Deputy Presiding Officers in a larger Senedd

This should be a matter for the Senedd through its Standing Orders

3. The number of Senedd Commissioners in a larger Senedd

I don't support an increase in the number of Commissioners. I am unconvinced they would add value.

4. The consequences of a Member changing their political party if elected through a closed proportional list system

This is a balanced judgement. Allowing members elected on a platform to act in a different capacity is uncomfortable. But even under a closed system the Senedd remains within the UK Parliamentary tradition, and it is for a Government to command a majority, or build a coalition, to get its business through - and that includes its own backbenchers. If candidates are listed on the ballot paper as well as their party they can still claim a personal mandate and in our tradition as Parliamentarians can vote according to their conscience and not just the party whip.