·         There is growing concern within the rural community, and specifically young people in the community, that there is almost no option but to move away for work. (To the bigger cities, where they can utilise their skills and there are more jobs). A pattern thatis now beginning to emerge is, for those who are looking to move home, there is no option for housing as a) the prices rurally are extremely high, and b) therefore only affordable for non-locals or the older generation. We as young people are worried for the future of our communities, where we grew up and spent most of our lives, and where we naturally would love to start families or businesses and lives of our own. They are becoming holiday destinations in the summer, and ghost-towns in the winter.

·         From this, it has been raised that the Welsh language will also be sure to suffer. Schools have been closing all across Wales also, which are the hearts of most communities, which in turn is affecting those predominantly Welsh speaking communities.

·         It was also noted by a member that, as she decided to go to University to study and gain a degree to work in her chosen field, she now has to move back in with her parents to save for a house. Her brother, on the other hand, who is 3 years younger and chose to start working immediately after leaving school, has now been able to buy his own house. We believe that young people see it as unfair that many need to chose between careers and buying a house, rather than chosing a career in order to buy a house. It shouldn’t be one or the other.