P-06-1187 Offer a Covid-19 vaccination to clinically vulnerable children, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 23.10.21


The purpose of the petition has now been achieved. I am therefore not sure if any further comments I make can be considered. 


I set up the petition as a first step to seek vaccines for vulnerable children. At the time a vaccine had only been declared safe for those age 12 and over therefore that is all I felt I could request in the petition. 


Now Pfizer have declared their vaccine safe for those age 5-11. 


My son,  Thomas is 10 years and 8 months and has severe neurodisabilities. He is extremely vulnerable to Covid-19. As a result we now don't send him to school, as we learnt staff were not adequately protecting him from Covid-19. We had sought assurances he was only in close proximity to two members of staff and they wore masks. We learnt this was not the case. Recently a member of staff in his class tested positive for Covid. 


Thomas is therefore missing out on his schooling and we, as his parents, are under significant pressure managing everything. 


I'd ask the Committee members to consider our situation and raise the issue of vaccinating children like Thomas as soon as it is possible. 


Please can enquiries be made of the JCVI and relevant Government Ministers? It feels like children like Thomas have been forgotten.


Thank you