P-05-1046 Reconsider lockdown and investigate scientific evidence that it does not work and causes more harm, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 27.09.21

I would like to make the point that where we are now clearly demonstrates my previous comments about lockdown.  It has, without doubt, created more harm than good.  Wales is now in a situation where the NHS backlog is, by its own admission, projected to take five years to clear. So the Welsh NHS - which was lagging pre-pandemic - is now further behind than ever. It was not Covid that caused this.  It was the tunnel vision of the Welsh government's reaction to it and its failure to use a more measured and intelligent approach.  Unfortunately, politics - and an attempt to be different to England - took over common sense and we all have to pay the price.  If there was to be a proper inquiry into the Welsh government's actions there would be many criticisms levelled at it.  Mr Drakeford and Mr Gething are good at issuing platitudes but in line with the Great Barrington Declaration - they did not protect the most vulnerable. Elderly patients were discharged to care homes and facilitated the spread of the disease amongst the very demographic that needed protection. The scandalous disruption to education is heart breaking. The waste of money is devastating. The loss of livelihoods is incalculable.