P-05-1183 Implement a 20MPH speed limit 100 metres either side of the new pedestrian crossing in Glan Conwy, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 23.09.21


Dear Committee Members,

We are pleased to hear the Deputy Minister is commencing the roll out of 20MPH limits in residential areas across Wales in 2023.

Whilst this is a step in the right direction it is long time in the future and in the meantime our residents are at risk using the pedestrian crossing on the A470.  We are getting reports of near misses daily and it is inevitable that there will a serious accident sooner rather than later.  Whilst the provisions in place look to be adequate they are just not working with too many drivers approaching at high speed and many seemingly oblivious to the crossing not noticing pedestrians crossing.

Vehicle Activated Signage would certainly help in making drivers aware they were approaching a crossing.  The review has definitely drawn the wrong conclusions whereas a day spent watching the crossing and its near misses would draw the opposite conclusion.  20MPH limit would be less effective without VAS as the drivers who do not notice the crossing probably wouldn't see the speed limit signs either.

We need the Government's help URGENTLY!  To quote Churchill, "Action this day."

Best Regards,