P-05-1153 To open outside gyms and sport in Wales the same as England March 29th, Correspondence – Interested Party to Committee, 06.03.21




I'm writing in to provide comments on the sports/fitness industry reopening. 


I am a qualified fitness professional of 8 years, as well as being a competitive athlete. In that time I've witnessed the importance health and fitness has, not only physically but Also mentally. 


I have suffered from depression, as well as a lot of people I've trained, the rate of suicide In England alone increased by Almost 10% in 2020 compared to the previous year, resulting in a rise of almost 5 thousand deaths or serious self inflicted injuries, with the majority attributed to men. Even in the bodybuilding community we have lost notable figures, elite athletes like like sandoe who took his own life last year, a man who on the face of it appeared to have a successful career and life, lost a battle to the internal struggle that so many of us face on a day to day basis. 


Claims of gyms being a priority were told to us by the government at the beginning of February, yet no date has even been announced of when gyms can reopen. It is critical that gyms receive a date within the coming weeks or we'll risk death by suicide becoming a higher killer in wales than even covid, The only facts presented to us have been that gyms have shown one of the lowest 

Transmission rates and a much greater impact to health and mental benefits. I believe it is no longer an excuse to keep gyms and fitness closed when we are seeing higher infection areas like schools and shops receive priority. With the rate of unemployment, disabilities or weather conditions, "training at home out outdoors" is not viable for everybody and the majority have suffered already. I believe it's time to stop that suffering.  


Thank you.