P-05-1153 To open outside gyms and sport in Wales the same as England March 29th, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 04.03.21


Thanks for your kind help and a lot of people want to get back exercising at least outside, and lots of kids want to get back playing sport too. The effect on their mental health has been very damaging and sport and exercise will begin to build back their confidence and self-esteem after a long lockdown again.


It’s disheartening for a lot of our members, and parents of kids who could be playing sport, to see long lines outside of people queueing for fast food outside in many fast food establishments, in burry port alone last weekend, there were thousands of people there throughout the day not always distancing, and then we aren’t allowed to play sport or exercise in sanitised and strictly socially distanced conditions.


The UK government were given evidence 17th February that gyms has only 1.7 cases per 100,000 visits and they couldn’t prove that started in gyms either, this is far lower than shops for example. With obesity a big factor in covid hospitalisations and deaths the government clearly says, we should be only strengthening our people’s immune systems through exercise and eating well, instead fast food places have been deemed “essential” throughout. Gyms in Wales have been already closed 39 out of 49 weeks since the first lockdown.


The welsh government is currently listening to jan 8th TAG scientists “evidence” saying that gyms are “unsafe” , they didn’t take into account the facts that we santitise equipment after every use in between exercise, and everything is spotlessly clean, far safer than supermarkets.


We have a 8000 square feet purpose built for exercise that we have already demonstrated perfect for socially distanced exercise. I have messages every day of our members struggling with mental health, and the SAGE scientists have already deemed it safe in England for the outside sports facilities to safely re open march 29th, surely this will only be a very positive event for our exercise and sports starved communities?


Yours in health,