I am writing in response to the request for information on the impact that Covid has had.

I became unwell with Covid on March 26th. I was very unwell (at home) with temperature, Headaches, fatigue, muscle aches, dizziness, nausea, tight chest, Loss of taste & smell, palpitations, hallucinations numbness/tingling in my face/head and brain fog. Maybe a few more!
I had a few weeks off work but then managed to go back to my part time job as an administrator, working from home.

At the end of June I had a major relapse of which I am still suffering the affects.  I have been unable to work since and still suffer with the following (9 months after initial infection):

Brain fog
Muscle aches
Numbness/tingling in my face/head
High heart rate
General malaise

Other symptoms have come and gone!

My GP has been sympathetic and I’ve had 2 sets of blood tests which have come back as normal so haven’t been offered any treatment or advice for recovery apart from ‘rest and eat healthy’.

Recently my GP has agreed to contact cardiology for advice regarding my high heart rate.

I have seen improvements - back in the summer if I had a shower in the morning that would be all I would be able to do until after lunch! I also really struggled to concentrate on anything- conversations would wear me out and I would struggle to play a board game with my 2 young children.

I don’t feel that there has been enough medical support to help me through my 9 months of illness. The only advice I have had from my GP is to rest and eat healthy. Fatigue and issues with my heart are preventing me from returning to a normal life but in 9 months I have not been referred by my GP to anywhere as there is no proper structure in place to deal with Long Covid patients. My GP is unable to help me anymore and is unable to refer me. Only recently has my GP agreed to write to cardiology to ask for advice regarding my heart rate issues. 


I feel like Wales has been left behind, with England opening multidisciplinary diagnostic clinics but there’s no help at all in Wales.

Many thanks for your time!