Petitions Committee : 6 November 2012

P-04-334 : Petition for a new renal unit at Prince Charles Hospital


Email from Petitions – Robert Kendrick – Date 29 August 2012



I went to a meeting at UHW yesterday so I thought I would let you know how it went.  The last email that I sent you I mentioned that there were rumours that the new unit might be located where the current kitchen area is located within PCH but it seems that it might have been just that a rumour.


At the meeting it was disclosed that all bids with costings have now been submitted and that the next course of action is to submit them to the minister, it seems that if she agrees to the off site option then a new unit will be up and running by at least April next year but if Cym Taff get the contract to build a new unit on site at PCH then a further 12 months would be added to the build time.


Because of the urgency wales renal network are going to strongly suggest that the cheaper and quicker option should be taken and that it should be treated as an urgent priority.


I don't know if the committee could approach the minister on our behalf to strengthen our case and to opt for the renal networks option but it would really be appreciated.


Kindest Regards



Robert Kendrick