P-05-1022 To follow the Scottish Parliament and have LGBTQ Welsh history taught in all Welsh schools, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 05.10.20

We as a team have reviewed the attached document. We feel it covers off most points. However, we believe that to truly be inclusive in our education we must have a historical context taught as well as LGBTQ+ education. Some of the biggest things to happen in LGBTQ+ history happened in Wales. From the Ladies of Llangollen being the first documented "lesbians" to the Welsh coalminers travelling to London to join protests against section 28 etc.. there is a rich history of Welsh LGBTQ+ history which needs to be taught. It would help any relationship led educate to bring historical context to it. We will be happy to discuss further or answer any specific questions via email. Please let me know if this is a virtual debate or if our team can attend.