P-05-940 Reduce cancelled operations, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 12.08.20

First may I apologise for the delay in responding, I was taking into account the fact we are in a pandemic, I have given Mr Gethin's response careful consideration and whilst I appreciate his condolences, and understand that there are reasons behind cancelling operations, but if we use my son as an example the operation to remove his tonsils was referred in october 2011 this was supposed to be an EMERGENCY  tonsillectomy. Yet by 15th of June 2012 ( the last scheduled operation was the day he died).

That is an 8 month wait, given that it was an emergency operation surely he could have been seen at a different hospital.

I am fully aware that patients cancel as I had to cancel because Dylan was too unwell, Mr gethin states that nearly half of all postponements are due to patient requests, so here is my question,

Excluding 2020 as no one could have predicted covid19.

1) how many were cancelled by the health board

2) how many were cancelled by patient request

3) how many were children

Mr Gethin doesn't explain what plans are in place to reduce the number of cancelled operations.