P-05-965  Push the government into introducing a separate ward other than maternity ward, for families going through a miscarriage – Petitioner to the Committee, 15.09.20


Hi I see that he has not changed his views on this matter so I have emailed him directly and called him and the government and NHS trust out in one this is the email I sent him can you once again thank the whole petition committee for there continued support. 


Everything you have said about bereavement support is a good start but it goes nowhere near what is needed if you call improvements that have been made giving someone a leaflet and telling them that they are in the middle of a miscarriage go home and find your own help witch after my mental health being absolutely decimated I decided to do to find that there is absolutely none out the then there is the fact of the mental anguish me and my wife have been made to go through being forced to go to our next normal maturity scan date sitting in the main waiting room next to mum's and dad's to be who had done nothing wrong it's the government and the NHS trust we have to have angle wards in every hospital with the correct professional staff to look after the whole family as it was not just my wife's life that was destroyed on my birthday 2 years ago it's was almost my whole family so I am asking and begging for your help to make this right so no one ever has to go through what we did.