P-05-1015 Categorise schools as critical infrastructure, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 22.09.20

Schools must not close again due to COVID19 except in severe circumstances.

Emphasis on SEN schools, many of these children despite being entitled to school provision during the lockdown, they were made to remain home by schools and local education authorities. This had a very negative affect on these children, not all, but many.

ALL children deserve normality. We are aware the virus does not affect children in the same way as adults and teaching is believed to be the safest profession in regards to COVID19.

We need more teaching staff available to cover for any ill staff/staff worried about working.

Children should not be sent home from school and made to be tested when they have a common cold. Many schools/LEAs are having all poorly children sent home and tested which will ofcourse cause upset and disruption.

School is vital for the wellbeing and futures of our children, whilst essential to allow families to work and keep the economy going. Children have suffered enough