P-05-1006 Release the £59 million to the arts to prevent local grassroots music venues from closure, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 22.09.20

Many venues are closing and they will never reopen the funds issued so far have been paltry and unless support is given by the Welsh Government we will lose a valuable commodity to many villages and towns in the area

Without these venues hotels and many other businesses will also suffer due to the decrease in visitors.

I'm fully aware of the current situation regarding the pandemic and the guidelines of social distancing but have to say its rather hypocritical when you run a campaign to entice people back to restaurants and such increasing the risk of social gatherings.

All I ask is that the committee take another look at the current plight and put together a plan of assisting theatres and venues time is of the essence it's no use having £53 million pounds sitting there whilst venues and people face financial ruin .